Moto-Tek Motorcycle Stand

I bought this stand because I thought it would make parking the bike in the garage really easy. I don't know about you but I have difficulty stuffing multiple bikes in a small area using pivot and triangle stands. With the Moto-Tek stand you just push it straight into the stand. It parks the bike upright where it stopped.

As a get the wheels off stand it may be OK for modern bikes but it is too tall for low pipe vintage bikes like CZz. Anyway here it is. It is bigger than I thought but I should have known. The Moto-Tek stand does not take up any more lateral room than needed for adjacent bikes and only adds a couple inches to the parking length.

Worth the price? I don't know, but at $120 it wasn't too bad. Check it out at Moto-Tek
(above) Just roll it into the stand. It's pretty stable in the driveway. I'd like to try it at the races, in the dirt, to see how it feels there on less perfect surfaces. This setup would work well for pulling off the pipe or changing the oil. To remove the bike, just back it up and the stand pivots back and the bike rolls out.

(below) Another way is to just push it into the stand in this position. Works like a bicycle stand. Seems pretty stable that way too. I think it would work well in the truck too, to keep the front wheel from turning through the stutter bumps on the access roads. You also would not have to cinch it down as tight. I would think.